NEMrRNA database

RNAstat is a program written in C++ designed to calculate nucleotide statistics, convert original RNA sequences into a secondary structure coded dataset, generate consensus sequence from an alignment and convert sequences from an alignment into dot-bracket RNA structure format.

SECconverter is a program written in C++ designed to convert dot-bracket RNA structure format into MrBayes command block with stem and loop partitions under the complex model.

    Program description:
  • Start program and input files
  • Output files

  • Download SECconverter beta version for Windows
    Download SECconverter file code

    Reference: Vovlas, N., Subbotin, S.A., Troccoli, A., Liebanas, G. and Castillo, P. (2008). Description and molecular characterisation of Rotylenchus montanus sp. n. and recognition of R. jaeni comb. n. as a separate species with approaches to molecular phylogeny of the genus Rotylenchus (Nematoda, Tylenchida). Zooligica Scripta 37: 521-537.

    Acknowledgements. The support from the US National Science Foundation PEET grant DEB 0731516 is acknowledged.